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Starting a business in Malaysia?

Incorporating a company with us is easy, fast and simple. We can help you get your business up and running quickly so that you can focus on what's important - growing your business!

We offer a hassle-free company incorporation service in Malaysia
Incorporating a company in Malaysia doesn’t have to be difficult. With our comprehensive and stress-free service, we make it convenient and easy for clients to manage their company’s paperwork hassle-free, from registering businesses with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) to filing Annual Returns. Our team of experienced professionals will provide comprehensive advice and guidance along the way, so your business is always on track to meet all legal requirements. From online forms and legal documents to quick registration services, you can trust us to simplify the process of establishing a new venture. Take advantage of our hassle-free incorporation service today and let us help you bring success to your business operations!
We can help you choose the right business structure for your needs

When starting a business, it’s essential to ensure you’ve chosen the right business structure. Not only can this safeguard your resources and protect your liabilities, but it may also provide more tax savings in the long run. Our experienced professionals can help guide you through each of the different business structures available, advise on their advantages and disadvantages, and make sure you have access to all available information when making the best choice for you. Through us, you can find out what structure is most suitable for your situation and future goals – let us make the process easier for you.

We can assist with the preparation of all the necessary documents

With an experienced team of professionals at our disposal, we can provide prompt and reliable services in the preparation of all legal documents. Our attention to detail ensures that everything is produced to a high standard, so you can be assured that your paperwork will be completed accurately and safely. We also understand that time is of the essence when it comes to legal documents, so our services are tailored to meet even the most stringent deadlines. Whether you need assistance preparing contracts, leases, or any other type of document, you can count on us for our quick response and quality workmanship.

Our presence in the APAC region

The APAC region is an increasingly important presence in the global market, boasting a population of more than 4.5 billion people and growth opportunities that are second-to-none. With InCorp Global’s presence in the APAC region, this makes it the ideal choice for international businesses looking to expand their reach or diversify their portfolio. With the right approach and investments, companies have the potential to realize huge returns from establishing a presence in this lucrative area of the world. Leverage our regional expertise and take advantage of our regional presence today!

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