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Financial Advisory

WeCorporate provides independent advisory services on M&A transactions and special situations. We have deep experience in buy side and sell side engagements, capital raising and transaction advisory services.

Our team advises public companies, family-owned businesses and other private companies in buy side and sell side M&A transactions.

  • Senior staff engagement throughout every transaction;
  • Dedicated industry expertise;
  • Breadth of in-house corporate finance and financial advisory services, which significantly enhance our M&A processes and outcomes for our clients.

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How We Can Help

  • Accounting Setup & Automation
  • Business Structure & Registration
  • Business Modeling
  • Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS)
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Fund Raising (from seed round to subsequent series)
  • Tax and Compliance
  • Treasury Management
  • Pitch Deck Preparation
  • Business Modeling
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Positioning for Funding (pre-IPO preparation etc.)
  • Fund Raising through our network of private investors/PE firms
  • Leveraging IP for Funding
  • Employee Share Option Scheme (ESOS)Virtual CFO & Advisory
  • Tax and Compliance
  • Treasury Management
  • Business Plan Preparation

Why Us

WeCorporate started with the aim of taking away the obstacles you face in dealing with traditional institutions: the paperwork, bureaucracy and long waiting times. We believe in making things easier for small businesses.

Whether selling your business, buying an additional one or raising growth capital, we understand the stress involved and the emotional highs and lows. Our specialist transaction team is there to guide you through this journey. Our approach is to minimise the stress and leave you to focus on your business.

Our professionals are veterans of top finance institutions and investment banks and have earned reputations for excellence in advising clients with careers spanning 15 to 20+ years.

  • No Hidden Charges

    We believe in clear and transparent pricing. The price advertised is the price you pay.

  • Over 15 Years’ Experience

    We are experts in our field, our team has over 15 years of combined expertise. We are a team of financial specialists offering solutions to grow your business to the next level.

  • Trusted Service

    Today our clients expect outstanding service. That’s why we are so proud that 99% of our clients rate us “Great” and “Excellent”.

  • Simplicity

    The whole process is made as simple and easy as possible to help you focus on your business.

  • Privacy and Security

    Customer privacy and security is paramount. We ensure your payment, company and personal information is protected at the highest level.

  • We analyse issues, derive actionable recommendations and implement those recommendations.
  • We take the time to step back, question all assumptions, look at the whole strategic context and assess the full range of alternatives available to our client when faced with a strategic decision.
  • This intensive and holistic approach frequently yields a superior route to value creation and results in more informed implementation.
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Fund Raising
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Share Valuation
  • Reverse Take Over

We are ready to assist you for all your business needs.

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